Is it necessary to have an extra cabin for the skipper?

It all depends on the level of comfort you want to have on the boat. It is not necessary to have a separate cabin for the skipper, he (or she) can sleep in the saloon area. However, in that case, you should know that his (or her) baggage will be in the saloon area for the whole time of the trip, and you should be aware that crew needs to have some sleep as well, so hanging out around the boat or in the saloon area until late night hours is not really welcomed. Another note is that you should have in mind that skipper needs to use at least one of the bathrooms on the boat, so in case there is not an extra toilet for him (or her) on the boat, you should inform him which one he (or she) could share with you.

What are the additional costs to a cruise, apart from transit log, final cleaning, and outboard engine?

Apart from all the costs specified in our offers and contracts (transit log, final cleaning and outboard engine), you should definitely count on extra costs of fuel and port fees.

Fuel cost can vary, of course, depending on a type of vessel chosen (motorboat or sailing boat). Sailing boats and sailing catamarans generally spend about € 100,00 - € 300,00 of diesel per week. Of course, it depends on the size of the boat and its engine(s), and the route you make during the week. Motorboats generally spend a lot more than sailing boats or catamarans, about 10 times more.

Port fees are something you pay when you dock in the city ports or marinas. They can vary from € 50,00 - € 150,00 per boat per night, and you should count on 3-4 nights in the port per week.

Car parking?

Every marina (starting port) has a secured car parking zone, and the cost per car per week generally varies from € 25,00 - € 60,00.

Sailing licenses for navigation in Croatia?

Sailing licenses are necessary to skipper the boat by yourself, and in Croatia, a person who wants to skipper the boat by himself has to have an additional VHF radio operations certificate (license) along with the sailing license. Croatian Ministry of Sea and Traffic has prescribed a list of international sailing licenses which are valid for navigation in Croatian waters. More about this please find on Sailing licenses

Pets on board?

Most charter companies allow the pets on board, but they tend to charge extra for cleaning services. For more detailed information on each specific boat charter, please contact us.

How much does the fuel costs?

The cost of fuel is more or less similar to the other European countries. What probably interests you the most is the overall cost of fuel you can spend for a week time cruise – and it is generally from € 100,00 - € 300,00 per week for sailing boats and catamarans, depending on the size of the vessel and the route you make.

Port fees prices in Croatia?

Port fees vary depending on the size of the boat and each specific port, but generally, they are from € 50,00 - € 150,00 per night. You don't have to go to the port every night, some nights you can stay in some bay on the anchor, or moor the boat on a buoy (cost is usually from € 15 - € 35 per night if it’ charged)

Where can we buy food? Is there any supermarket near the marina?

Yes, almost every marina has a supermarket nearby, or some of the marinas (starting ports) have a market right there in the marina. However, it is always cheaper to buy the food in the supermarkets outside of marinas. If you arrive for check-in to pick-up the boat rented, people there can always advise you on where is the nearest supermarket where you can get the initial supplies for the boat.

You don’t have to worry that you will not be able to get food anywhere else after you sail out to the sea. Islands and towns you visit will have some grocery shops and fruit and vegetable markets as well as places to buy some fresh fish and meat. You should only be prepared better if you plan to cruise the Kornati national park area because there you can find a good shop only in town Sali on Dugi otok (Dugi island).

Transfer to/from an airport?

We can organize a car or mini-van transfers to/from the airport. However, you can also catch a taxi by yourself; usually, there is plenty of taxi’s waiting on the airports. If you want to organize a transfer through us please let us know before or after you confirm your booking, and we’ll let you know the exact price depending on the range of the transfer as well as number of persons needing the transfer.

How much cash should we bring with us? Is there any ATM’s on the islands?

You should definitely bring some cash with you. Most of the restaurants on the islands as well as some of the local Port Authorities who charge for the port fees, do not accept credit cards and they only take cash (either in Croatian Kunas or Euros).

However, ATM’s are present in towns on the islands and you can get some additional cash there. You should only bring more cash if you plan to cruise the Kornati national park area because there is no ATM’s.

What about the insurance?

We get this kind of questions about the insurance a lot. First of all, we need to say that every boat we offer is insured and without the insurance, the boat can not get a license to navigate in Croatia. So, your liability as the skipper stops at the amount of the security deposit for the boat. Even if you would damage the boat completely, you are liable only for the amount of the security deposit left on check-in.

Most of the charter management companies offer insurance for the security deposit or even a possibility of paying a smaller non-refundable amount (usually 5-10% of the value of the charter) instead of leaving a refundable security deposit. For more details on each specific boat and the possibilities of ensuring a security deposit or paying a smaller non-refundable deposit, please contact us.

We hired a skipper. Why do we have to leave a security deposit?

If you hired a skipper, yes you still need to leave a security deposit. This is because, in many cases, skipper can’t be responsible for certain actions or behaviors of the crew. Also, there are certain rules of behavior on the boat (for example no toilet paper in the toilet on the boat) and those kinds of things skipper can’t control and it is not his job to control it.

If skipper damages the boat by his own fault, he is responsible for it, and he (or she) will cover from his (or hers) obligatory skipper’s insurance policy, which every skipper has.

Do we need to feed the skipper?

Yes, when you hire a skipper, you accept to provide food for him, as well as any other members of the crew.

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