• DAY 2: KRKNJASI – MILNA (island Brac) 14 NM
  • DAY 3: MILNA – VRBOSKA (island Hvar) 20 NM
  • DAY 4: VRBOSKA – VLAKA (St. Klement island) 22 NM
  • DAY 5: VLAKA – BISEVO – KOMIZA (island Vis) 26 NM
  • DAY 6: KOMIZA – STRACINSKA BAY (island Solta) 24 NM

DAY 1: TROGIR – KRKNJASI BAY (island Drvenik Veli)

Trogir is great as a starting point of your journey, it has 3 marinas, and all of them have a big charter fleet. and the Split airport is practically in Trogir. Besides Trogir itself being a tourist destination of a 1st category, it is also a great starting point to see all the best attractions of Central Dalmatia (Split sailing area).

So, let's move ahead from Trogir port because in summer months because of the crowds and even more because of boat traffic in the port on some docks of marinas there's no peace even in the night

Because of check-in time later in the afternoon (usually 5 PM), our choice of the first-night destination is limited, so, if the weather is nice with not much wind, let's move towards an anchorage called Krknjasi on the island of Drvenik Veli, just 6 NM from Trogir. Krknjasi anchorage is also the place called 'Blue Lagoon' by local tourist agencies who take 'normal' tourists visiting Split and Trogir on day trips by boat, for a swim or snorkeling excursions. If the weather is not nice, we will not have much choice, but to stay in Trogir for Saturday night and take a stroll around the city, protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site, 2 and a half millenniums old and ever stone has a stamp of history. But, let's play with optimism and move ahead to Krknjasi bay.


A bay on the SE side of Drvenik Veli island and two small islands called Krknjasi in front o fit, together create a beautiful lagoon. Here we can spend a night on anchor. Its bottom is sand, so we need to make sure the anchor is well buried. Besides, if the weather is nice Blue Lagoon bay can have many boats anchored there so we need to take precaution on our position and distance to other boats. This bay is an ideal place to take a first swim and refreshment from a city dust.


We start our morning with a swim and a nice breakfast on the anchor. After that, anchor up, and we start our sail towards Milna on Brac, taking the northern side of Solta island. It's about 2 hours to Milna on the engine, and on a typical summer day, there will be no wind to sail before 2 PM.

After arrival to Milna, where we dock in one of the marinas there (there are 3 marinas in Milna and plenty of docking places) we will take a rent-a-car and get ready to explore the island. Brac is a big island and only to explore all of its marine attractions it would take 7 days. The really exceptional attractions island Brac hides in its inland areas, so it's well worth to rent-a-car and explores the island.

We can see the desert Blaca, mysterious Dragon's cave, a fantastic view from Vidova Gora - the peak of island Brac, taverns serving amazing lamb and local specialties…

Since ancient times, life on Brac was isolated, but not backward. The witness to that is a famous Blace desert monastery - a set of buildings of stone roofs ingrown in a harsh cliff, built by Glagolitic monks who were running away from the Turkish soldiers in the 16th century. They decorated and equipped their sanctuary in a luxurious fashion for their time – stylish furnishings, piano, library…To arrive at Blace monastery is possible only by walk.

First, by car from Nerezisce to Vidova Gora, then take a turn right following the road sign taking you on a not cemented road, and than you come to the end of the road where you need to park your car and take a 2 and a half kilometers to walk through the canyon to arrive in the monastery.

Don't miss Vidova Gora too, the roof of Adriatic, the peak of the peaks of all Adriatic islands. 780 meters high above the sea level, which enables a fantastic panoramic view on all sides of the world. Deep down right underneath lies a Golden Cape of Brac 'Zlatni rat' beach.

After cruising around the island and seeing a few of it's best inland attractions, take a visit to one of the inland local family restaurants with lamb and try local food specialties. All of the food there is grown and prepared by those local families, right there on the spot, like it was done in ancient times.

After this nice excursion by the car on island Brac, let's get back to the boat and enjoy the late evening hours in Milna.

DAY 3: MILNA – VRBOSKA (island Hvar)

Sail from Milna to Vrboska on island Hvar is altogether about 2,5 -3 hours, so you have time to stop for a swim, enjoy some nice bays on the way or have a swim by a Golden Cape (if there is no wind). If there is wind find some other nice and protected bay because on the Golden Cape it can be pretty rough and crowded by other boats. Vrboska has a city pier and an ACI marina, so you should be able to find a docking space there if you don't come too late.

Vrboska is a hidden and extremely protected bay deep inside the northern shore of island Hvar. Because of the old city port structure with a little island and a bridge, Vrboska is also called 'Little Venice'. But, not just because of the looks, but also due to Venetian painting treasures in the parish church of St. Lovre: Tiziano, Cagliari, Bassano, Scuri, Cellini…

When in Vrboska, we should also visit Fisherman's Museum where, with lots of effort and love, are gathered and sorted tools, fishing patents, accessories and various items with which they used to fish.

DAY 4: VRBOSKA – ST. KLEMENT (Pakleni islands)

ACI marina Palmizana is full, in Hvar town pier and buoys are already crowded and reserved for luxury motor yachts, so we choose different bays on Pakleni islands depending on the winds, bay Vlaka on the north side, or bay Soline on the southern side of St. Klement island. Our program now offers a relaxing day of swimming, diving, chillin', and a visit to one of the taverns.

In ancient times, there was a Roman summer house property, and later a settlement with a church devoted to St. Clement. Here there is also a celebration feast of St. Clement, patron saint of the island, last Sunday in July.


Our goal is to visit the amazing Blue Cave on Bisevo island. In order to do that nowadays, we have to come to an anchorage with buoys called Mezuporat. Nowadays this anchorage is crowded and it can be a pain to take a buoy there and wait for an official excursion guide to come to pick you up with a smaller boat which can enter the cave. Summer 2018. the ticket to enter Blue Cave was 100 HRK or about € 15 per person to get in the Blue Cave. For children up to 12 years the price is 50 HRK, and for children up to 6 is free.

After Blue Cave, we head for a 45-minute sail to Komiza town, one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the Adriatic and Mediterranean coast. Long fishing tradition, isolated location, and amazing scenery make Komiza one of the most interesting ports in Dalmatia. Pier has about 30 places and if you want to dock you have to come really early, but nowadays there are also very safe buoys, plenty of them, just avoid Komiza on southern winds.


We start our return 'home', towards Solta island, more precisely towards Stracinska bay where we are awaited by a clear transparent sea, a true turquoise paradise. When we enter the bay the left will be a small beach and the right big beach. Among them is a small bay Sajtija. Anchored at a depth of 7-8 meters. Swimming, diving, exploration of the coast... In this bay there is also a hidden small beach famous by it's an unusual name – 'Where Grandpa' washes his but' In this bay, you could easily stay and enjoy for a few days if there is no south wind. But, we have to head back the next day..but, we don't have to go early, it's only 17 NM to Ciovo island.


Heading back towards Trogir, after we pass cape Okruk, and we decide not to return the boat on Friday evening, there is a nice Racetinovac bay on the northern side of Ciovo island, suitable to spend the night on anchor. From Racetinovac bay to Trogir there is only 1,5 NM so we will be back in Trogir in less than half an hour on Saturday morning, just in time to return the boat.

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